44​-​year​-​old Teenager (2019 remaster)

by Jon Lester

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i have more to think about now more things to decide i hear more things I've said before, how i have to live my life i wanted to believe in you and know i could trust your words i still have my other goals i can't stop for the hurt so you cut off everything it's not my everything i can't tell you a thing but i have my everything now
we only danced once she wanted a rest I did what she said and I said I'd wait as long as I must she stayed near me we sat through the event everything felt fine but we never did dance again since then I've felt better I've looked better I've moved better dates on the sideline staying in our own chairs she never acted bored and there was truth, until she chose an excuse since then I've felt better I've looked better I've moved better and the ones who chose to dance since then were fine but it's just never been the same since then I've felt better I've looked better I've moved better I've danced better we only danced once
Hartwell we used to go across the lake to bet our video hands then they started coming our way when we had itches to scratch *** then we both got the same games and stayed more in our states then there wasn't no money nowhere left for our dirt track race and we couldn't get out of hartwell 'cause gas made us too far away so we stayed *** we lost our girlfriends in anderson with the radio change there never was any bus to catch in either place or for any shade *** here and there, 3 for 2 make a dollar, give one away the jockey lot empties your house 'cause you got bills to pay take your daughter to work with you even if you hustle your days 'cause there ain't no real difference between careers anyway wouldn't you say


For most of the 32 years I've been recording myself, I've been using cassette multitrack recorders, Casio keyboards and problematic guitars. My songwriting process is every bit as raw now as it was in 1982, and that's one thing that makes me a 44-year old teenager.


And I just got this remastered, while I'm still 49...


released June 23, 2019

All songs by Jonathan D. Lester (BMI)

2019 remaster by Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction


all rights reserved



Jon Lester Crawford, Georgia

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